About LumenGear

LumenGear is an outlet place for our trading store and warehouse. Our team is experienced on technical computing and internet trading. Not only we are the sellers, but also we are a group of advanced users of the products we are selling. We have the extended knowledge on the products that can provide advices and solutions to you. Our team in the warehouse instantly handles the orders from our worldwide customers effectively.

Locating in Hong Kong, LumenGear take the advantages of being the window of the global factory which is also surrounded by technical-oriented countries not limited to Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Shezhen, we are located in the Asian hub which is the gateway to customers worldwide.

With international vision and business mindsets, we are ethical, well literate and are able to solve different issues for our customers. We have international business experience and multi-cultural mindsets. We are well capable to deal with global transactions. These advantages enabled us to provide the latest products to the everywhere in the world effectively. We benefited from the shorten logistic distance from manufacturers in the mainland, cost-effective transportation and effective operation system. We could offer the best competitive price to deliver our customers in seconds.