UnBlocktech Gen2

Brand New
UnBlock Technology Gen.2 Plus TV Box IPTV Chinese Channel


安博盒子第二代 +


(Item Code: Gen.2_S800Plus)

國際電壓 (100-240V)
英國插頭 (UK PLUG)

UnBlocktech Gen2

UnBlocktech Gen2


UnBlock Box is an Standard Chinese Android Box. It comes with basic apps right out from the factory. There are no controls on what the users install on the device and how to use it.

This store is authorised by the official company; Any technical issue is backed up by the Unblock official Website and forum.





四核CPU, 八核GPU
支持4K 及 H.265 格式
可在加拿大,澳洲,美國,中國,香港使用 無地域限制。




註: 安博盒子是安博科技有限公司的智能終端產品 (Brand: UnBlock Technology),對所有非香港出售,非 UnBlock Technology 品牌 (Brand) 為名的自稱安博盒子來源及真偽成疑,亦不會授與原廠香港行貨之保用。,


安博盒子 Unblock TV Box VIP永久版 最強電視盒

本店是安博科技 官方指定零售商,真正無限制香港,外國,大陸都用得,秒殺市面所有盒子,真正用家首選


某某盒子曾有接近一整月未能接通,根本不能使用如同作廢!安博盒子與那些貴上一倆倍的品牌不同!安博盒子本身是一台開放式安卓盒子,即使偶爾存在接通問題也可當一台安卓系統使用,更何況安博的技術人員每日也跟進及優化接駁,有問題也能盡快修復, 更不時推出解決方案及修復檔!

Please scroll down and read the "Return Policy for Servicing (Repair or Exchange)" before you make the order!

Comparison between the 2 Generations

UnBlocktech Gen2

UnBlocktech Gen2

S800Plus has More RAM and Better Performance than S800
S800Plus 比舊版 S800 有更多RAM 及更高效能
舊版 S800
新版 S800Plus
Package Included

UnBlocktech Gen2

UnBlocktech Gen2

Please scroll down and read the "Return Policy for Servicing (Repair or Exchange)" before you make the order!

1 x Unblock Technology Gen.2 TV Box S800Plus (安博盒子第二代+)
1 x Remote Control (遙控器) with AAA batteries
1 x AV Cord (AV 線)
1 x Free HDMI Cable (HDMI 線)

1 x Universal 100V-240V Power Adapter in UK Plug (英國插頭國際電壓100V - 240V 火牛)
UK Plug

1 x User Guide (說明書)
This item comes with the universal power adapter (100V - 240V) to suite anywhere in the world. It is in UK plug for UK power socket.

However, we can get you the power socket adapter (socket converter) to suit your country at an extra US$1.99

Never attempt to plug the box to any power adapter aside from the original Gen.2 adapter that comes with the package (even the first generation Unblock Box). It will burn the box and void the warranty!

Please contact us for arrangements and we will send you the US$1.99 for the extra item.

You may purchase it directly here too.

Thank you for your attention!

此盒子用的變壓器(火牛)是英國插頭的,只需另加US$1.99, 我們便可以安排配合基出國家的插頭適配器(轉換頭)一枚。


如果有需要另購插頭適配器(轉換頭), 煩請與我們聯絡。


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